Established training for a new generation of hand therapists

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Hand Therapy Education

Welcome to Hand Faculty, Australia’s leading private postgraduate hand therapy education provider.
With over 35 years of hand therapy expertise behind us, we deliver robust, on-the-job training for early career physiotherapists and occupational therapists.

Early Career Therapists

Our specialised training enables early career therapists to acquire practical, on-the-job training that is not currently available within the Australian tertiary education sector.  

Our participants learn from expert hand therapists whose skills are in high demand in Australia and internationally.

Our programs are designed to fit around participants’ existing work schedules, and each participant has access to an online forum and community chat with like-minded individuals.

About Hand Faculty

Clinic Owners & Employers

Our programs also appeal to private practice owners and department heads who want to save time and money by outsourcing hand therapy training for their team.

Clinic owners and employers can have confidence that their employees will receive world-class training across a broad field of hand therapy topics and techniques.

The Fellowship Program

Early Career Fellowship in Hand Therapy


The Early Career Fellowship in Hand Therapy is a 52-week postgraduate program that provides specialised hand therapy training for early career physiotherapists and occupational therapists.   


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Comprehensive Training Program


Module 1: The fundamentals of anatomy and biomechanics of the fingers, thumb, wrist and elbow are covered alongside practical assessment tasks of these areas.

Module 2: Covers common conditions presenting to private practice. Module 1 and 2 run in parallel over the first 24 weeks.

Module 3: Covers surgical presentations

Module 4: Covers special areas such as burns, musicians, sports, paediatrics, handwriting and CRPS, as an example.

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Practical skills include massage, mobilisation, splinting (leather, plaster, static, neoprene), casting, fundamental wound care, imaging and exercise prescription.

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Professional Practice

We cover practicalities such as hand hygiene and infection control, understanding third party payers and organising a return to work, paperwork, reports and time management.

Additionally, we provide training in how to deliver a perfect consult, how to communicate effectively and with confidence, build a caseload and promote yourself.

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What can you expect from Hand Faculty?

Our Expertise

  • Working in hand therapy for over 35 years
  • Training modules developed and refined over 10 years
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Hand Therapy Fellowship

  • Broad foundational knowledge specifically for private practice
  • Confidence in assessment and diagnosis as a primary contact practitioner
  • Professional skills to communicate with confidence
  • Program specific mentoring guidance and training for your workplace
  • Delivered in partnership with the Australian Hand Therapy Association (AHTA)
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What our participants say

Claire Robinson

"I highly recommend the fellowship program. It fast tracked my learning, honed my skills, improved my confidence in making splints and diagnosis...and made me even more passionate about my work and career."

Nicholas Reither

"The fellowship program was fundamental to me making a smooth transition into a meaningful and enjoyable career, encouraged independent learning along with structured learning program, and helped to establish important and long-lasting team bonds."

Harrison Vercoe

"What I have enjoyed most about the fellowship is the pace at which it allows you to learn. I was able to develop my skill set to a level of competence with which I could deliver expert care to patients."


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