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Overcoming Challenges: How a Hybrid Delivery Model Transformed the Postgraduate Fellowship in Hand Therapy.

early career fellowship in hand therapy postgraduate fellowship in hand therapy Jun 13, 2023

The hybrid model of delivery for the postgraduate fellowship in hand therapy proved to be a successful approach, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the challenges posed by the lengthy and multiple lockdown periods in Melbourne, Australia, the fellowship program was able to continue and effectively train early career therapists throughout 2020 and 2021.

By leveraging an online platform for remote delivery of content, fellows were able to access lectures, readings, and other activities. Virtual live group tutorials and fortnightly clinical reasoning and case studies further facilitated continuous learning, both individually and collaboratively with their peers and the Hand Faculty team. The inclusion of onsite workplace mentors added an invaluable component to the training experience, striking a perfect balance in the hybrid model.

This hybrid model, which combined online and virtual face-to-face interactions with Hand Faculty with workplace mentors to work alongside, has now become a viable pathway to offer the fellowship program to clinics across Australia and overseas. The partnership between workplace mentors and the Hand Faculty online team ensures both efficiency and excellence in training delivery.

One key aspect contributing to the success of the hybrid model is the mentorship training sessions conducted during the initial weeks of each fellowship cohort. These sessions provide essential guidance and support for the mentors, allowing them to effectively fulfill their role while minimizing the time commitment required. The system for mentoring success has been tried and tested, ensuring optimal outcomes for everyone involved in the program.

Overall, the hybrid model of delivery for the postgraduate fellowship in hand therapy has proven to be a resilient and adaptable approach, overcoming the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. It has enabled the continuation of high-quality training and expanded the program's reach to clinics both domestically and internationally.

By Karen Fitt
CEO Hand Faculty

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